Crystal Collection Play Mat - Kyanite
Baby play mat for cute moms and babies by Famokids
Crystal Collection Play Mat - Kyanite
Crystal Collection Play Mat - Kyanite
Crystal Collection Play Mat - Kyanite

Crystal Collection Play Mat - Kyanite

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Famokids Crystal Collection Kyanite Play Mat


• Naturally cleansing, our Kyanite crystal foam play mats purifies itself, never retaining negative energy in your living space. Whether during tummy time or when you're capturing those quiet moments during nap time, enjoy your zen Kyanite space.

• Hand Illustrated to symbolize the many facets of our lives - our families, homes, and state of mind.

• Crystal Collection - Kyanite is a brilliant blue shade. 


Famokids Play Mat Features

Play Mat Details

  • Non-Toxic EVA Foam
  • Basic set contains 6 tiles & 12 edges
  • Liquid resistant 
  • 0.47'' thickness
  • 4 ft x 6 ft
Famokids play mat ways to use


Custom Made, Custom Fit 
Create a perfect custom fit mat for your specific space by purchasing multiple sets or extension sets that allow you optimize the shape of your mat to fit any space! 

Click here to add extension sets.

Email us at if you need sizing suggestion. 

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More Mats, More Savings
Save more when you buy additional multiple mats for yourself and friends.

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Clean and Care

  • Gently wipe clean prior to first use with damp cloth & dry thoroughly. 
  • Famokids play mats are water-resistance but do not soak in water or machine wash.
  • For indoor use only and avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Avoid sharp items like pet claws, high heels or heavy objects on the play mat, as it may cause a permanent impression.


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