3 Spring Activities with Your Kids

3 Spring Activities with Your Kids

March 20 marked the official start of spring. This is an exciting time for fresh blooms, warmer weather, and even some spring cleaning. The new season allows for a fresh take on things. Winter can sometimes feel heavy, like it’s weighing you down, but spring creates an anticipation of growth and beauty.  

During this time, it is important to take for yourself as a mother to reflect on things. Consider the ways you’ve surprised yourself during the cold, winter days. What experiences surprised you? What have you learned? As mothers, we often put our needs last, but let this new season serve as a starting point to a new prioritization of you. 

As you start to get into the swing of spring, make sure to carve out time for yourself and to schedule time for self-care.

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Here are some fun spring activities you can do with you kids: 

1. Rice Easter Eggs

Put two cups of rice in a large plastic bag and add multiple drops of food coloring. Add your easter egg into the bag and let your child shake the bag. Your egg will come out beautifully speckled. This is a mess-free way to do easter egg coloring. The food colored rice can also serve as a backdrop for sensory activities! 

2. Go on a Nature Walk 

With all the new fresh flowers and plants, go on a nature walk to see all the new blossoms. Bring some crayons and paper with you and let your child draw out what they see. Then, you can go home and research what you observed to see if you can identify the plant!

3. Make Flower Crowns 

Pick flowers around your house and use it to make flower crowns with your children. First, ensure the plant is not poisonous, then have fun finding flowers of all shapes and sizes. You can use pipe cleaners to help connect the flowers and give them the crown shape. 

Whatever it is you do during this time, may you find rest and blossom wherever you are. 

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