About Us

 Famokids brand story

Brand Story 
Founded by a mom for moms

The inception of Famokids did not take place in an office, but in a mother's belly. From that first moment of becoming pregnant, Famokids Founder, Alice, knew she needed to create something special for her baby and also change the way moms across the globe looked at baby play mats. Since other baby play mats available in the market were obnoxiously brightly colored that no on-trend mom actually wanted in her beautiful home. Alice decided to opt for neutral and aesthetic styles that compliment modern home design. With her many years in the baby product industry, she was familiar with the safety standards and what it took to produce a mat that was truly non-toxic & safe. Alice was determined to develop a play mat that met all of her high industry standards for quality, yet still stylish for all modern moms and most importantly, was safe for their babies. Alice envisioned that the mat was not only for kids but also for mom and the whole family. She thoughtfully designed a multi-purpose mat that can grow with your kids, use year after year and doubles as an exercise mat - perfect for yoga and meditation.


Mission Statement
Baby Safe, Mama Approved 

Famokids believes mom matters, and that you don’t have to choose between style and safety for your baby. All kids deserve a safe space to grow, while you maintain a stylish home and slay your day! We build products with mom in mind that will make her live easier and her baby’s live safer. We embodies peaceful lines and soothing tones to transform your home into a baby safe, mama approved environment. 


What FAMOKIDS Means To Us
The very DNA of FAMOKIDS is FAmily x MOm x KIDS

We believe in the need to protect and encourage the family, but also mom and kids individually. Hence the name, Famokids (FAmily-MOm-KIDS).The shape of our logo represents four family members united together as one strong foundation with a ribbon running through representing what a gift having a family is.

We invite you to welcome Famokids not just as an interior design addition, but as a member of the family.  We will be there for baby's tummy time, crawling, first steps and as more memories are made.