5 Exciting Water Activities for Toddlers

5 Exciting Water Activities for Toddlers

Water play is not only a fun and refreshing way for toddlers to spend their time but also a fantastic opportunity for them to engage in sensory exploration, develop fine motor skills, and foster cognitive growth. Let's dive into five exciting water play activities that will captivate your little one's imagination and provide them with hours of entertainment. 

Ice Excavation

Imagine the excitement on your toddler's face as they uncover hidden treasures frozen within ice! To set up this activity, freeze small toys or objects in ice cube trays or plastic containers overnight. The next day, provide your toddler with a large container of warm water and tools to excavate the objects from the ice. Spoons, spray bottles, and small plastic hammers and tweezers work well. You can even provide them with salt, which will help melt the ice faster! Not only does this activity promote fine motor skills development but it also introduces sensory exploration.

Ice excavation toddler activity

Sink or Float Experiment

Turn your toddler into a little scientist with a fun sink or float experiment. Fill a large basin or tub with water and gather various objects from around the house that are safe for water play. Encourage your toddler to predict whether each object will sink or float before testing it out. Drop the objects one by one into the water and observe the results together. This hands-on activity introduces early science concepts and promotes critical thinking skills as your toddler explores the properties of different objects.

kids activity stem, sink or float

Water Painting

Toddlers are fascinated by painting with just water. The simplicity of using water as a medium for painting can captivate their imagination and provide them with a unique sensory experience. Equip them with a large paintbrush and a bucket of water, and let them "paint" on surfaces like a fence, pavement, or even a chalkboard. As they stroke the brush across the surface, they'll witness the magical effect of the water temporarily darkening it. If it’s hot outside it’ll “magically” fade quicker. This activity not only encourages creativity but also enhances gross motor skills as they explore different motions and patterns.

toddler activity painting with water

Splash Pool 

Transform your backyard or patio into a mini aquatic playground with a splash pool. Set up a small inflatable pool or a large container filled with shallow water. Provide your toddler with an array of water-friendly toys like rubber ducks, cups, and plastic containers to enhance their splash pool fun. You can even add a small water slide or a sprinkler to the middle of the pool for added fun.

baby splash pool

Water Table Exploration

Investing in a water table designed for toddlers or creating your own using a plastic storage bin can unlock a world of fun and learning. Fill the water table with water and add colorful, child-safe objects like floating toys, plastic balls, and sponges. Encourage your toddler to manipulate and explore the objects, developing their fine motor skills and sensory awareness. They can splash, pour, and experiment with different water-friendly toys, fostering their creativity and imagination. To protect surfaces below the table put down a Famokids Eazy™ Leather Mat. 

toddlers playing in water table

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