5 Fun Activities to Do With Baby at Home While Quarantined

5 Fun Activities to Do With Baby at Home While Quarantined

We have a question - Is it just us or are we on day 2348834 of quarantine? If you’re anything like us then you know that the days seem long, the ideas are short, and the patience is even shorter. And let’s not even talk about the ungodly amounts of laundry and dishes we’ve been doing everyday.

It’s crazy how being quarantined means a break for most, but not moms. If anything quarantine is code for double the work and triple the exhaustion for mamas.

Don’t worry, mom! We see you. We get you. We are you.

Because of this new found need to keep your children occupied every second of the day while also maintaining your usual duties, we’ve come up with five activities you can do with your baby that are sure to keep your baby occupied and engaged.


  1. Music Room

Create a music room on your mat with various toys and containers that your baby can create sound with. This activity is great for cognitive development and stimulation. Sounds also capture babies’ attention in a more expansive way that keeps them preoccupied for longer.  

  1. Story Time Role Play

Do animated story time with books and stuffed animals. This activity is great because you can utilize literally any item in your house as a “character.” The more surprising of the character, the more engaged your child will be. This can also be a great activity for older kids. The activity can be a challenge to come up with the most innovative character made from normal household items. This exercises the imagination and creative role play while also keeping the kids isolated in one designated area, and if things go right, you may be able to take a break and sit down while they play. A win, win!

  1. Cooking Show

Have your own "cooking show" where you introduce new foods. What better way to introduce solids or a new puree concoction then with your own cooking show? This activity creates a mutually beneficial experience for mom and baby to be able to take a seat, while also helping baby to progress with their dietary needs. Because our mats are so easy to clean, you can do this on the mat in an informal dining situation.  

  1. Sensory Items

Create sensory bottles by placing different items (such as marbles, beads, sequins) into bottles and watch your baby explore in wonder with all of the different sounds, shapes, and colors. Another idea is to take a small ice water bowl for your baby to play with. This will allow your little one to interact with temperature and can also improve hand eye coordination.

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  1. Workout With Your Baby

You can do yoga, pilates, or even meditation while your baby works on tummy time. Or better yet, workout with your baby. This allows for a moment of relaxation for you as the mom to release stress and endorphins that will ultimately improve your mood. This also creates an exciting new adventure for your baby!

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These are unprecedented times that require supernatural patience and creativity. Our Famokids play mats’ versatility makes them the perfect companion to help you maximize your time, come up with creative activities, and still find time to rest.

During these times of all day activities with your children, may the odds ever be in your favor. 

And just know that regardless of what you decide to do, you are doing a great job! You got this, Mama.

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