6 Ways to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween at Home

6 Ways to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween at Home

Halloween 2020 is likely to look quite a bit different from Halloween's past. That doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun! In fact, it’s a great way to soak up some sweet family time and enjoy the best parts of the holiday together.


While traditional trick-or-treating is off the list, there are plenty of ways to stay home and celebrate the spookiest holiday. We’ll talk about dressing up, decorating (and letting the kids help), how to host the best kid-friendly movie night, and more. Keep reading for our top tips for a fun, at-home Halloween.


  • 1. Dress up!

    Just because you’re staying home, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with some great costumes. This is especially true for the littles, who look forward to dressing up as their favorite astronaut, dinosaur, or princess all year long. 


    Feel free to keep costumes this year fun but low-key, and build them out of things you already have at home. Or, go all out and order the costume your kiddo has been begging for. With all the fun ideas on this list, it will still feel worth dressing up.


  • 2. Don’t forget to decorate.

    Halloween vibes aren’t limited to trick-or-treating. Even if you’re staying home this Halloween, go ahead and decorate the house inside and out. It will make the night feel festive and fun, and help you get into the spirit, too.


    You can let the little ones get in on this fun with some art supplies, having them craft their own monster and other fun DIYs. Here’s a great Halloween craft list for preschoolers.


  • 3. Build a cozy Halloween fort.

    Growing up, didn’t you feel like building a fort instantly made a night more magical? Build one this year with plenty of Halloween flair, like colorful blankets, orange and black streamers, twinkle lights, cobwebs—you name it! 


    Cushion your fort with our soft, non-toxic foam play mat. That will keep things comfy and inviting for Halloween fun all night long.


  • 4. Have a spooky (and sweet) movie night.

    You’ve built the fort, now it’s time to curl up and enjoy some spooky, kid-friendly flicks. The Halloween fort helps make movie night more special, while the Halloween films celebrate the season.


    The flicks you show will of course depend on your tastes and your kiddo’s age. Here are some of our favorites for little ones:


    • Super Monsters Save Halloween (Netflix)
    • Room on the Broom (Netflix)
    • Spookley the Square Pumpkin (Netflix)
    • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Apple TV+)
    • Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie (Disney+)
    • Monsters, Inc. (Disney+)
    • Coco (Disney+, a great introduction to Día de Muertos)


  • 5. Hold a treat hunt throughout your home.

    What’s Halloween without the treats? Whether it’s candy or some of your kid’s favorite snacks and treats, have fun and hide them throughout your house. Let the kids go on a hunt for treats (much like they would with Easter eggs). You can venture out into your yard with the hunt too, if the weather permits.


  • 6. Get festive in the kitchen.

    With these ideas, your kids are bound to have a memorable, enjoyable Halloween night. Finish strong with a Halloween-themed dinner or dessert. Whether it’s mummy wrapped hot dogs, a skeleton-shaped veggie platter, or a jack-o-lantern cake, there are so many fun Halloween recipes out there. Here’s one great compilation.


    We at Famokids hope these tips help you stay home and stay safe, but have plenty of festive fun this Halloween.


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