Extraordinaire Triplets Mama Kelsey Janak

Extraordinaire Triplets Mama Kelsey Janak

Please meet our featured #famomama Kelsey Janak - who is a Massachusetts based wife, designer and super mom extraordinaire of triplets. With three babies on your hand, it is obvious that functionality and safety are the only things that matter. Other details can fall to the waist side when juggling so many little hands and feet.

As moms, we are often told to waive goodbye to style when motherhood kicks in. However, Designer mom Kelsey wanted functionality, but also something with style. 

Kelsey says, “I wanted a functional, but aesthetically pleasing playmat for the trips.”

Obviously, style and look is a major plus. The fundamentals of functionality are needed for any mama dealing with littles. Not only that, but Kelsey has to maximize her time and efficiency with every detail of her life because she is dealing with three babies and not just one.  

“First and foremost, it functions exactly as it should - a soft place for the babies to play and roll (their new favorite thing) while also being SUPER easy to clean.”

She continues, “One swipe of a baby wipe or cloth and you’re good to go. With spitty preemies, this has definitely saved my brand new hardwood flooring and also saves me on laundry by eliminating the 3 blankets I was using under them.⁣” 

Imagine that. Not only is time saved through the minimal cleaning process that is required but even her laundry output decreased because her babies no longer had to be under a blanket when on the floor. How cool! 

Famokids Baby Floor Mats

 Our products are always with baby and mother in mind. We want to help make the lives of moms easier, which is why all of our mats are customizable. This allows you to customize your  mat to accommodate your family’s needs. 

“The mat also comes in puzzle pieces and straight edge pieces, allowing you to expand or make the mat smaller to fit your space. The default mat was the perfect size and literally fits in its exact length and makes this mama giddy 😂”

Perfect fits make us giddy too, Kelsey! You know what else makes us excited? A timeless design. At Famokids, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between style and safety. This is why we are so proud to provide beautiful mats that are 100% toxic free and 100% customizable. 

“Secondly, their beautiful, tasteful pattern and colors make this mat look like an area rug more than a play place and I couldn’t be more pleased. The bright, primary colors of most kid mats do not go with the color palette of our home, but we need a little spot where we can safely set the babies on our main floor. This mat was absolutely the solution I was looking for and I’ve been getting compliments about it non-stop from family and friends.”

Famokids activity play mats
Here are her three favorite things about Famokids play mat. She chose Amber mat, which perfectly accommodates their living space.
  • Functionality of the mat 
  • Easiness of cleaning 
  • The ability to customize the size


We also asked Kelsey some questions about her personal routine that help her get through the day. 

Q1: What is your self-care go-to?

Kelsey explained, “Since giving birth, my husband and those closest to me made sure that at the very least, admitting the chaos, I was able to get my nightly shower in. I never went without that, and it made me feel human again. The babies have had a strict bedtime of 7PM once out of the newborn stage, so once they are in their cribs I’m off to shower while my husband handles any potential wake ups.”

Q2: What is a tip that has helped you get through this crazy journey of motherhood? 

“My biggest tip would be getting your baby into a safe sleep routine from the very beginning.They were put in sleep sacks and placed on their backs, in their cribs, with nothing except a paci since day one. It was a week or so of struggle for a lifetime of safe, peaceful sleep. All three have been sleeping through the night since 3-4 months, can self soothe, and go down without hours and hours of rocking/feeding/etc. It absolutely saved our sanity!”

Q3: How would you best describe what it’s like to be a triplet mom? 

“Being a triplet mom is both feeling like a super star yet isolated all at the same time. I get attention everywhere I go, but it’s often hard to relate to other parents because I’ve never known what life is like without the demands/work of three babies at once. I wanted very much to have an only child, but I’m slowly finding ways to adjust to this new life and experience joys not many people get to say they’ve experienced.”


Hearing stories like Kelsey’s is what fuels of. When both mama and baby are satisfied, you know you’re doing something right. You, too, can have your very own Famokids play mat. Shop here!

Check out Kelsey’s IG @wildernest.homestead or read her blog to see how she is absolutely killing the mama game as she takes care of her three precious triplets, Wilder, Marin June, and Forrest.

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