Fall into Fun: Pre-school Fall Activity Bundle Guide

Fall into Fun: Pre-school Fall Activity Bundle Guide

Fall into Fun: Pre-school Fall Activity Bundle

Autumn is a magical time of year, and what better way to revel in its splendor than with our Pre-school Fall Activity Bundle! Designed specifically for toddlers and preschoolers, this collection of adorable fall-themed printables and activities will fully immerse your little ones in the wonders of the season. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to use these printables to create an exciting and educational fall experience for your kids.

Pre school fall activities

Part 1: Apples & Pumpkins

Activity 1: Apple Picking

  • Start by printing the apple trees and apple cut outs from the bundle. You can leave them as loose parts or add velcro to the apples and trees so that they can stick on. This gives your child the sensation of picking apples from the trees.
Preschool apple activities

Activity 2: Colorful Apple Sorting

  • Using the green and red apples you printed in activity 1, sort by color into the labeled “baskets. This will help promote color recognition and sorting abilities.

Activity 3: Counting with Numbered Apple Baskets

  • Print out the numbered apple baskets ranging from 1 to 10.
  • Using the cut out apples, encourage your child to count the apples and place the correct number of apples in each basket. This activity fosters early math skills.

Activity 4: Tree Stamping Art

  • Print the blank tree templates included in the bundle. Cut an apple in half. Dip apple halves in paint and use them as stamps to create fall-themed art on the trees.
Leaf color flashcards and fall alphabet

Activity 5: Leaf Colors

  • Print out the fall leaves flashcards. Help your child identify the colors of the leaves. These can also be used for memory games or scavenger hunts.

Activity 6: Fall Themed Alphabet 

Print the alphabet sheets with fall-themed letters to display. Using alphabet puzzle pieces, mini erasers, or resin, you can practice matching letters to the printable. 

Sorting pumpkins by size activity

Activity 7: Pumpkin Size Sorting

  • Print the pumpkin templates from the bundle. Have your child arrange the pumpkins by size. Sort them into the printable tractors, small, medium, or large.  This will enhance their understanding of size relationships.

Part 2: Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Pickin' Patch Pretend Play Stand

Fall Pickin' Patch Pretend Play Set

Step 1: Print the Instant Download Signs and Items

  • Print the following signs from the provided instant download: Pick Your Own Pumpkin Sign, Pumpkin Sizes and Prices Sign, U-Pick Apple Prices Sign, and the Directional Signs for Corn Maze, Hay Ride, Apple Orchard, and Pumpkin Patch. Print and carefully cut out the Hayride Tickets, Fall Cafe Menu, and Drink Labels (Pumpkin Spice Latte, Apple Cider, Hot Apple Cider) included in the bundle.

Step 2: Create a Play Space

  • Choose a suitable location for your pretend play stand. It can be set up indoors or outdoors based on your preference and available space.

Step 3: Assemble the Signs

  • To make the signs stand upright, attach them to pieces of cardboard or use small stands. This adds a charming touch to your play space. You can also print on cardstock and/or laminate.
Fall printables for Pretend Picking Patch

Step 4: Arrange the Items

  • Arrange the signs, tickets, menu, drink labels, and any other play items in your chosen play space. You can add any pretend play props like pretend food, cups, bags, baskets or pretend money. You may even choose to decorate with real pumpkins or fall flowers. Create an inviting Pickin' Patch environment that captures the essence of a real farm stand.

Step 5: Engage in Pretend Play

  • Encourage your child to take on different roles, such as a farmer, customer, or cafe worker. Let their imaginations run wild as they participate in various activities: "picking" pumpkins, selecting apples, exploring the corn maze, or even serving drinks from the cafe.
Kids pretend play pumpkin patch

Final Tips:

  • Encourage creativity by allowing your child to come up with their own scenarios and interactions within the pretend play stand.
  • Join in the fun! Engage in role-playing alongside your child to enhance their experience and help develop language and cooperation. Meanwhile, youll be  creating lasting memories together.

By following these simple steps, you'll create a captivating Pickin' Patch Pretend Play Stand that offers your child hours of imaginative entertainment. This will not only bring the charm of a fall farm to life but also nurture their social, cognitive, and emotional development! 

At Famokids, we believe that learning happens best through play and imaginative exploration. Our Preschool Fall Activity Bundle is carefully designed to foster essential skills in a fun and engaging way. By encouraging your child's creativity, problem-solving abilities, and social interactions, we aim to create memorable experiences that promote child development. So, gather your printables, set up your play space, and let the fall fun begin!

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