Five Trendy Features to Look for Before Buying Baby Play Mats

Five Trendy Features to Look for Before Buying Baby Play Mats

Even before the baby is born, moms set out on the task to give their child a comfortable life. From looking for baby crib setting inspiration to scrolling through Pinterest for nursery room décor ideas, moms do a lot to prepare for the big arrival.

Do You Need a Play Mat? A baby play mat is one of those baby must-haves no mom can overlook.

No matter how much we wish to keep our babies cuddled up in our arms, we can’t. But we can always ensure they are safely tucked on the play mat and having fun while we manage daily chores. This makes investing in a play mat much more essential.

But besides coming in handy to keep our tiny tots engaged in play, baby play mats help babies in more ways than one.

  • Playmats give ample support for tummy time that strengthens the baby’s neck and shoulder muscles.
  • It provides a large and safe playground for babies to enhance their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  • It can prevent accidental “boo-boos.”

When Do You Need a Play Mat? Many new moms wonder, “how soon should I start using a baby play mat?” Well, you can use for newborns, however, babies between the ages of three to six months old start developing hand-eye coordination and grasping toys, that is an ideal time when you can consider putting your babies on baby floor mats.

How to Choose a Play Mat? If you are looking forward to investing in a play mat but don’t know how to start the search, this blog will help you make a choice. Here, we have listed the top five features every mom should look for in a play mat.


Offers Tummy Support

Building core strength is not only for us grown-ups. Our tiny broods also need to tone their core muscles. While they can’t hit the gym, they have their playful ways to strengthen their tiny muscles. Tummy time is a wonderful way to help kids move their arms, legs, and neck. When investing in mats for crawling babies, opt for the one that is soft on the tummy.

Baby floor mats made with non-toxic EVA foam makes for a perfect pick if you are looking for safe and excellent tummy support (I’ll go into greater detail on this later!). Since these mats have high elasticity, they offer soft landing in case the baby falls. Besides being soft, they are sturdy enough to prevent the mat from sinking too deep. This keeps the growing backbone protected.

Easy to Maintain

Kids have low immunity and are susceptible to infections. Playmats can harbor germs and bacteria; thus, keeping a play mat clean and tidy is essential. Since you would need to clean your mat regularly, go for the one that is easy to scrub. Moms have a lot on their plate already, so look for baby floor mats that are water-proof and easy to wipe clean with a cloth. So, when a spill happens, you will not have to worry about washing the mat.


Playdates offer a wonderful opportunity to help our kids socialize and enhance their development process.

If you love hosting playdates or traveling with your kiddies, consider buying a portable play mat. Look for a play mat that is lightweight and easy to set up and take apart. This will ensure that your on-the-go excursion is hassle-free for both you and your child.

Besides checking for the portability feature, look if the floor play mat can be customized or not. Many play mats come with interlocking tiles that give you the choice to expand the play mat according to the size and space of the room.


How much we wish for them to remain petite, our tiny toddlers grow up very fast. And as they grow old, their toys and mats lose appeal. Quality play mats like the ones available at Famokids are made to last and be used even when your baby has grown up.

These mats can easily be re-used by moms as an exercise mat or stylish room decor. So, when buying a baby floor mat, think ahead and pick one that offers multi-purpose usage.


Baby mats should be the safest place for toddlers to play and rest. These baby must-haves are designed to offer a comfortable playtime experience. One thing you must never overlook is the material used to make the play mat. When buying a play mat, check whether it’s toxic-free or not.

If you are considering foam mat, you must know that there are two types of foam materials – PVC and EVA.

While PVC is a low-cost foam, it contains toxic chlorine and heavy metal plasticizer. On the other hand, EVA foam mats are less toxic and safer for kids.

When looking for a baby floor mat, check whether it is PVC and BPA free or not. You should also choose the one that complies with all safety standards.

At Famokids, we offer the most eclectic selection of baby play mats. Our ultra-chic designer and non-toxic play mats can be a perfect addition to your tastefully-designed family home.

Whether you are an active mom-on-the-go, a working professional, a freelancer, or a stay-at-home parent, we have designed our Famokids mats with every mom in mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Famokids and check out their premium baby floor mat collections and cross one baby-must-haves off your check-list. 


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