How To Take Care Of Your Famokids Non Toxic Play Mat For Baby

How To Take Care Of Your Famokids Non Toxic Play Mat For Baby

Parents everywhere want to create a safe space for their baby to play. Non-toxic play mats for babies have become a popular baby registry item for good reason. A non-toxic play mat provides a safe and clean area where your baby can play comfortably.

Baby on non-toxic play mat

The Famokids nontoxic play mats are made from soft yet durable material and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Our play mats, made from Graphene-enhanced foam are baby-approved and ultra-hygienic. Graphene is a lightweight, intensely solidified material that deactivates bacterial proteins and odor. They are highly durable too. It ensures a non-toxic and hygienic surface for your kids to play on.

Most parents will find that they need to put their baby down from time to time. With this mat, you can do so without any hesitation. It is a safe environment for your babies to play. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that the play mat surface is safe, hygienic and cushioned.  It provides a safe spot for tummy time which is important for building muscle strength. Babies can safely spend time rolling and playing on the floor mat which will boost their motor and coordination skills too.

It is important to take proper care of your non toxic baby play mat for continued safety.

  • Softly wipe clean prior to first use with a damp cloth & dry thoroughly.
  • Do not soak in water or machine wash.
  • Don’t let pet claws, high heels or heavy objects involve on the play mat that may cause a permanent impression.
  • Apply mild soap to a damp cloth to wipe clean. Do not use detergents or alcohol based cleansers.

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