Meet LGBTQ+ Moms Daisy and Taylor: “Love Will Always Win”

Meet LGBTQ+ Moms Daisy and Taylor: “Love Will Always Win”

Mothers Daisy and Taylor, an LGBTQ+ couple, met when they were 13 and 15 at a private Christian school. Their story of how they not only met, but the obstacles they endured and overcame are nothing short of inspirational.

The happy family recently welcomed an adorable baby boy into the world. In August 2019, after four attempts at IUI, their first child, Cruze, was born. When it comes to raising their son as an LGBTQ+ family, Daisy says that the experience is filled with nothing but love:

“I want to say the life as an LGBTQ+ family isn't any different than a straight couple, but that wouldn't be true. We are different, BUT EQUAL. I remember hearing that for the first time-- it hit so hard! The truth is, our family has two moms, so things WILL be done differently, but we LOVE that! Our family is filled with more love than words can convey and our son will grow up immersed in love. If I could give one piece of advice to other LGBTQ+ families, it would be to never doubt your validity as a family. Love will always win.” 

With the hustle and bustle of a newborn, this mama has a few tips on how to practice self care and how to navigate motherhood: 

I have to take in the small stuff, like being able to take a nice shower at the end of a long day while my wife takes care of the baby. Sometimes, all you need is a little time to yourself-- clear your head of all the constant worries, and relax. For those 20 minutes you almost feel like your pre-baby self.

We are in a new day and age where everyone has an opinion and we get so offended when someone doesn't agree with us. Sometimes we just need to let things slide off our shoulders, because being a first time mom is already hard enough on its own. Trust in yourself.”

Famokids Famomama Daisy Based


The couple is also a big advocate of living a healthy and holistic lifestyle, whether it’s through the wholesome vegan meals they make for their family or the products they choose to bring into their home.

So, when it came to choosing a play mat for baby Cruze, Daisy was set on finding a mat that was both safe and didn’t sacrifice their personal style. That’s when she found Famokids

After looking for hours for a non-toxic mat, she finally discovered the perfect match and fell in love with Famokid's modern patterns and colors. The family now has the Moonstone Crystal Collection Famokids Mat (where they now spend most of their days) to compliment their cozy nursery. Their favorite highlights:

  • Non-toxic material 
  • Tear apart for easy storage 
  • Chic design doesn't make their home look like a daycare

"I looked for hours for a non-toxic mat that would look great in our home. We love our non-toxic baby mat!"

Famokids Famomama

Follow along with Daisy and Taylor's adventures in Orlando Florida: @daisy_based and if you have a moment, we encourage you to watch them tell their story here.

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