Modern Fatherhood

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Fatherhood. When we talk about raising children, we often overlook this term and focus solely on motherhood. This Father’s Day we are changing the dialogue. Parenthood is a responsibility that should be shared equally between mothers and fathers. Thankfully, more and more dads are becoming highly involved in their kids' lives and/or staying home with their kids. Many dads will even admit to seeing parenting as central to their identity. While work obligations continue to be a struggle for fathers, hopefully societal shifts will soon allow for a better work-family balance for fathers. After all, it takes a village to raise a family, why wouldn’t it start in a child's own home?

The father-child bond is just as important as the mothers bond. It is proven that kids who have a great bond with both their mother and father grow up to be more confident and well-adjusted adults. Let’s talk about ways father’s foster that bond:


Starting from infancy, mother’s shouldn’t be the only ones responding to cries and taking care of their children. Involved fathers change diapers and wake up during night to help out just as much as mothers. Father’s build trust through responding to their children’s needs and them.


Father’s tend to play more physically, energetically and actively than mothers. Therefore, when a child plays with their father, they are learning communication, trust, and emotional control. A Famokids play mat is an excellent place for this kind of play. Whether it's rough and tumble play, building blocks or coloring, fathers deserve a safe and special place to play with their children too. We make the perfect modern play mat for the modern dad!

Baby playing on Famokids modern play mat with Dad

Being Present

The modern father attends doctors appointments, cooks dinners, signs up for toddler classes, goes to school functions, and sporting events. We love seeing this shift in society that provides dads with the opportunity for a work-family balance and we hope all fathers will someday be able to achieve it!

Have Fun!

Finally, having fun together is the most important way fathers and children bond.

We at Famokids love to see all the hands on, involved dads out there. You deserve all the praise in the world this Father’s Day!

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