Navigating Pregnancy in Today’s Post-Pandemic World

Navigating Pregnancy in Today’s Post-Pandemic World

Pregnancy has never been an easy task. After all, you're growing an entire human. Between the many possible physical symptoms like morning sickness, swelling, pelvic pain and emotional ups and downs, it can be really hard. Thanks to the Covid pandemic, pregnant women now have to prepare for additional worries or concerns. While the scariest part of it has hopefully passed, the effects of the pandemic still continue. Being pregnant today is a different experience than it was just a few years ago.

Pregnant Woman on Computer, Virtual Appointments, Virtual Classes

Pregnant women have to take extra precautions because pregnancy puts you in a high risk category. That means you may choose not to participate in activities, classes, or public events that you may have in years prior, or you may wear a mask while attending. Luckily, virtual versions of many of these classes have been made available so you don’t feel like you missed out. If you are worried about attending classes that you would have enjoyed (ie. Lamaze class or Prenatal Yoga), be sure to check for virtual opportunities.


Depending on where you live, prenatal doctor appointments and delivery may still have restrictions. In many states only one person is allowed with you at a time, and children under the age of 16 may not be allowed at all. This can be tough and disappointing when you have other children that you would love to bring with you to ultrasound appointments. It’s also hard on everyone, when you are away for delivery and your kids can’t come in and visit. The good thing to remember is that the kids will be just as thrilled to see you and meet the baby when you all come home from the hospital.

Supply Shortages

Another challenge is preparing for the baby with all the items and supplies you want. Supply shortages and shipping has been a problem for some time now. Whether you need to wait months for the crib you’ve been eyeing or the stroller you want, it can be an unneeded frustration. Not to mention, the baby formula shortage in America. These are all new challenges that pregnant moms face that they didn’t have years ago. Be sure to plan ahead if there is an item you really want/need.

Tired As a Mother

Finally, pregnant moms may just be plain tired. The past couple years have been draining. Especially, if you already have other kids. Less play dates, less help, less schooling…many moms have taken on the role of the entire village that it usually takes to raise a child. Starting a pregnancy with less energy can be daunting. Be sure to carve out time for self care and remember to accept help when it’s available. Our Famokids play mat doubles as a great yoga/meditation mat until you're ready to play with your little one on it. 

Pregnant belly

Motherhood means enduring so many ups and downs. We didn’t need more proof that moms have super powers, but being pregnant and raising a family in today’s climate brings on many new challenges. In the end, we adjust and manage the best we can.

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