New Collection and New Antibacterial Formula Launch

New Collection and New Antibacterial Formula Launch

Good things come to those who wait and even better things come to those who are willing to learn and improve along the way. 

Advocating for moms while protecting their babies has always been the forefront of our work. It is more than just play mats for us. It is the opportunity to bridge the gap between a mother’s need to care for herself and her child simultaneously. 

This is why we knew our products had to be different. Not just the way they looked but by how they were made. From the beginning, each of our mats had been nontoxic. 

However, when the pandemic hit, we knew we needed to do something more.

So we went back to the drawing board. We listened to your thoughts on wanting lighter colored mats with expanded neutrality. So we updated our Amber to a lighter version. We also joined in as a community as we reflected on the fear of not having safe enough environments for our children in the midst of a global pandemic. 

We listened. We reflected. And we went to work. 

This is why we are so thrilled to be announcing not only a new line of mats but also a new and improved formula that is scientifically proven to defeat bacteria. 

Now, the mom doubt can be silenced and the living room can be even more beautiful. 

Introducing the Sage Collection and Havana Collection

The Sage Collection is the perfect reflection of a mom’s intuition and the soothing calm she brings to her children. Much like nature, a mom’s presence is always there and like a flower, she is always growing. The detailed floral and leafy designs represent the sustaining energy and vitality that exists from a mom’s love.

The Havana Collection brings out the adventure within as you embrace the wild side of motherhood and all of its beautiful intricacies with our Havana Collection. These vibrant designs will be sure to remind you of the freedom within. Beautifully shaped textiles and warm tones will turn your home into your very own oasis.

Please meet Famokids GraphEVA® Play Mat

Famokids New GraphEVA® Antibacterial Play Mat
Famokids New GraphEVA® Antibacterial Play Mat

We have updated our original premium EVA foam to our new GraphEVA® antibacterial foam. EVA + Graphene = GraphEVA®. The mats are now more safe. Each mat is now composed of Graphene which is an intricate yet intensely solidified particle that deactivates proteins of bacteria and odor, while remaining lightweight. Graphene is also a supremely durable element, allowing the mat to withstand the play and mess of children. Our new formula creates a healthier environment by having these antibacterial and deodor properties and non-toxic materials create a hygienic surface for your child to play on. 

Be on the lookout! Both collections are debuting April 2021. Pre-order is available now. Get your favorite mat before it sold out!

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