New Year Intentions for Moms

New Year Intentions for Moms

The new year brings all types of new hopes and expectations for the year. It is a clear marker of a fresh start to accomplish what you have yet to and to stretch into new opportunities. This new year is a bit differentiated, given the global pandemic taking place. But the sentiments remain true. 

This is a new year for you to start fresh, accomplish something you haven’t yet. 

However, just because it is a new year does not mean you have to completely abandon all things. This is not a time for unrealistic expectations, but honest exploration of old habits that are not working and new ones you want to pick up.

It is okay to want a fresh start. It is also okay to want things to stay the same. A new year does not mean a completely new you. It might be an extension of who you already are or an expansion. 

Here are some intentions you can set for the new year, no matter what your resolutions may be.

>> Commit to being kind to yourself … even if you mess up

>> Commit to not feeling guilty when you need to take a break 

>> Commit to not hesitating when asking for help

>> Commit to being present and not being consumed with the unknown future

>> Commit to celebrating your little wins as a mom and individual 

>> Commit to taking care of you just as fiercely as you take care of your kids

If there is anything last year has taught us, it is that nothing is promised and we control very, very little. I think as moms, we try to plan and plan again, to ensure our families have everything they need. But the reality is, even with our best planning things can go wrong and even when we don’t plan at all, things can still go right. All you can do is the best you can and spoiler alert: your best is enough! 

May this year be you all you set out for it to be, full of laughs, health, and prosperity. 

Here’s to making this the best year yet!


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