Practical Gift Ideas for New Moms and Dads

Practical Gift Ideas for New Moms and Dads

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As a new parent, many people, including friends and family, will naturally want to offer you gifts and the baby. Buying gifts for a new parent can be fun. The gifts are one way to celebrate a new life, and you can make them fun and practical. Parenting a new baby offers many logistical challenges, like a lot of handwashing, stuffed-up noses, recovering from childbirth, and sleepless nights. 

If you can find gifts that support the new parents in accommodating the changes they experience when they get a baby, it would be most appreciated. Here are some practical gifts you can find for new parents. 

Nursing Maternity T-Shirt 

A good nursing maternity shirt is a perfect gift for a new mom as it provides optimal comfort and allows for easy breastfeeding. One of the options you can find on the market is the Kindred Bravely maternity shirt, which offers discreet breastfeeding and is comfortable. This comes with a hidden underlayer that allows for easy breastfeeding. 

In addition, the shirt offers a two-layer construction, which creates a good drape. The pocket is a stylish and functional touch that comes as an ideal place to store breast pads, hair ties, or a pacifier. 

Baby Play Mats 

There are many benefits of a baby mat that any new parent will appreciate if you gift them. The mat aids and improves the baby’s vision as they look at the colors. It provides a cushioned surface on which the baby can use to develop trunk stability and control for the back and legs. 

Also, a baby play mat will refine the baby’s neck strength when they turn their head and look around. You can find beautiful play mats for crawling babies on Famokids to gift a new mom and dad. 

A No-Touch Thermometer 

Having a baby can make one nervous as you don’t want the baby to get sick. This is a concern during the winter months. One of the ways to ensure you can respond quickly to problems is by monitoring your child’s signs of fever. A rectal thermometer is among the many baby must-haves on the market today. Especially for children under three months, it is the most accurate tool to check for signs of fever. 

To make life easier for the new parent, gift them a no-touch thermometer. Ensure the product is FDA-approved. The no-touch thermometer is easy to use and offers accurate readings.  

A Nose Unplugger 

Small kids cannot blow their noses well. Over the first year of a kid’s life, a plugged nose can be a nuisance and will cause discomfort to the baby. If you’re gifting a new mom and dad, consider getting them one of these nose unpluggers. It’s a practical gift they will appreciate as it can help keep their baby comfortable. Every parent will love an effective solution that gives their baby some nasal relief, and this tool is something that can calm the baby down.  

A Robotic Vacuum 

Having a baby comes with many demands, so it might be difficult to handle all the chores around the house. It’s not convenient to push a vacuum just after having a baby and experiencing sleepless nights in those first weeks. 

A robotic vacuum is a good helper that can get rid of a lot of dirt from the floors and carpets. It makes work easier in the house. This is a practical gift that will allow the new parents to have more time to care for the newborn. 


Becoming a new mother and father is a unique experience, but it comes with many demands for the new parents. One of the ways you can support new moms and dads is by gifting them practical items that can make their work easier. 


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