Tech Tools That Every Newbie Parent Needs

Tech Tools That Every Newbie Parent Needs

Parenting is no picnic. Between preparing an adequate hospital bag and trying to get enough sleep, first-timers really have their work cut out for them. With that said and out of the way, parenting is also a real joy. Luckily, technology has made waves in making this all-important job more of the latter. Apps that you can easily install on portables like smartphones are particularly nifty, making even the most clueless newbie seem like a pro. 

Famokids recommends a few that you should download today—if you haven’t already!

Glow Baby

Glow is quite the prolific app-maker, with an impressive suite of apps that track almost every bodily function known to man, ranging from fertility to menstruation to pregnancy. It naturally follows that they would have an app that tracks your baby’s developmental milestones, too. 

The aptly named Glow Baby works as a baby book of sorts, allowing parents to record physical growth and illnesses, as well as sleep, feeding schedules, and diaper changes. The great thing about this app is it lists 101 developmental milestones based on CDC data so new parents know what to look out for. 

The Wonder Weeks

Much like Glow Baby, The Wonder Weeks app is also a great milestone-tracking app that new parents should have. Unlike the former, however, this app is more centered on mental development. 

Based on the concept and book of the same title, Today’s Parent explains the app operates on the premise that there are certain ‘mental leaps’ tied to a baby’s age, from five weeks to 20 months. The app serves as a guideline in getting into your baby’s head, which, in turn, helps stimulate development—essentially, making the ‘leap’ easier.

Milk Maid

For nursing mothers, keeping a stash of breast milk is a must—not just at home, but also wherever it needs to be easily accessed, like daycare, the office, and more. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep track of your stockpiles, not to mention, the turnover. 

As AppPicker points out, The Milk Maid app is really proving to be a godsend in this regard as it helps you keep track of your precious inventory in multiple locations, stay on top of your milk’s freshness by allowing you to organize packets by date, and keep to your pumping schedule. Not only that, it also keeps track of your pumping and feeding history for your monitoring purposes.


When you have the needs of a wee one (or several) to consider, it’s good practice to always know where the nearest restroom is for those emergency diaper changes or potty breaks. SitOrSquat is an app that definitely comes in handy in this regard. It puts a large database of public toilets right at the tip of your fingers by using your device’s location setting, so you know exactly where to go when nature calls.

Newborn baby tips

Time Management for Parents

Feeding schedules for newborns. Meal planning for the rest of the family. Days and times on the calendar for doctor’s office visits and checkups. Playdates. You name it and it needs scheduled and tracked, which is where time management apps are essential for new parents. Combine these apps with some handy time-saving tips, like identifying your most productive times and making lists to keep yourself on track. Together, these strategies can help you to stay on top of your day-to-day routine. Whether you have it on your smart device or it’s online, check into some of the handiest apps out there to help you keep all the moving parts organized. 

Time is even more compacted when you’re buying a new or larger house needed for the new addition to your home. That’s where the internet comes in handy, making the search for a new property and listing prices a snap. What’s more, reaching out to a real estate agent is also simplified, saving you time and energy in the process. 


Staying Connected

Lastly, most new parents fall into a period of hibernation when their baby first comes home, but after a few months, a lack of social interaction becomes challenging. And new moms, especially, can feel isolated. This is why staying connected, like maintaining a stress-free home, is part of a good self-care plan. You may struggle to get outside, so bring the outside in with some potted plants and nature-themed art. Being in nature is shown to decrease anxiety, which is great when you’re dealing with the new struggles of parenting. Read more on how to de-stress your home in 2023.

The key to a well-curated roster of apps is that each owns a dedicated purpose. This way, you can easily fire up the app you need at the moment, even when you’re multitasking. That solid arsenal of tools can make the difference between efficient and sloppy parenting, and there’s no question which category you’d rather fall in. So take advantage of all these tools to be the best parent you can be.

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Blog Contributed by Emily Graham of Mighty Moms

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