Thankful For the Mess

Thankful For the Mess

Kids are messy.  You probably feel like you are constantly following after your child, telling them not to spill this, and to pick up that.  Well we’re here to tell you that it’s ok to let your kids make a mess.  Yup… you read that right. This November, we want you to think about how you can be  thankful for the mess your kids make!  Before you say we are crazy, let us make ourselves clear.  We aren’t talking about living in a constant pigsty, but if your child is playing, a mess is unavoidable.  Messes can be created in a controlled environment and cleaned up later.  If your child is making a mess, it means they are playing, exploring, using their imagination, and developing their motor skills.  These are all great reasons to say yes to the mess!  If you’re a parent who has a hard time seeing a mess (and to be honest that’s most of us) create a yes to the mess space! That way you can still have areas of your house that are off limits to certain kinds of messes.

How to create a yes to the mess space!

1.) Choose a child safe location in your house.

2.) Put down an easy to clean surface, avoid rugs or floors you are afraid to damage. Famokids mats are an easy to clean, wipeable surface. 

3.) Add in a sensory table to explore different textures, mediums and messy play.  For some more ideas on sensory play, see our last blog post! 

4.) Keep ‘child safe’ cleaning supplies (broom, dust pan, towel, vacuum…) nearby to teach your kids responsibility.

5.) Have a designated place for toys to go back after the mess is made.  Keep the toys in the area to a minimum and rotate them to keep children’s interest.   


A mess doesn’t have to cause stress!  We encourage you to embrace at least some of the mess.  A mess means your child is learning, growing, and becoming their own person.  Someday they will grow up and your home will be as clean as you want it, until then embrace it, help them grow from it, and be thankful for your little mess makers!

Messy Mat Challenge

Show us your #famomessymats! Kids leave a mess wherever they go!  No need to hide it!  This November, we want you to be thankful for the mess!  We are encouraging all our #famomamas to share their messy mats with us!  Do you have a @famokidsus mat?  If you do, share with us your #famomessymats by tagging @famokidsus and #famomessymats for a chance to be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card! 

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