Wondering What to Get Dad for Father’s Day? Here are a Few of Our Favorite Ideas.

Wondering What to Get Dad for Father’s Day? Here are a Few of Our Favorite Ideas.

Why is it that the dads in our lives are the most difficult people to shop for? When Father’s Day comes around, it can be so tricky to find a meaningful, or at least fun and useful gift for the dads we love dearly.

In this quick gift guide, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite gift ideas we’re considering this Father’s Day. You’ll find some sentimental gifts that dad can cherish forever, along with practical and “just-for-fun” gifts he can truly enjoy. 

If you’re looking for some Father’s Day gift inspiration, keep reading.

  1. A One-of-a-Kind Custom Family Portrait

Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind? Order a FamoArt™ Custom Portrait. It’s a gorgeous gift that he’ll want to put on display, and it’ll keep forever.

With our affordably priced prints, you have options. You can opt for a minimalist style that looks chic in any home, or choose the deluxe option for more vibrant details. Either way, this is a gift that dad will love, that you probably haven’t gotten him in years past.

FamoArt custom portrait - father's day gift

  1. A Heartwarming Book about the Love Between Dad and Daughter

Tug at dad’s heartstrings with the book, Dad By My Side. It’s a heartwarming celebration of the relationship between a dad and his daughter, though this book celebrates the parent-child bond regardless of gender. It’s an endearing story that allows your kids to bond with dad when they read it together. Plus, it’s beautifully illustrated. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Dad by my side - father's day gift

  1. An Always Warm Cup of Coffee

It’s a universal reality of parenthood: Somehow, parenting small children means your coffee goes cold before you can sip it in the morning. Save dad from this fate with the Ember Smart Mug, a temperature-controlled mug that will keep his coffee hot for up to 80 minutes on its own, or all day on a smart charging coaster.

It’s so smart, he can use an app to control the temperature of the coffee. Don’t worry, it works sans app, too. (You might want to grab one of these mugs for yourself, too, mom).

smart mug - father's day gift

  1. A Sweet “What I Love About Dad” Journal

Here’s something a little sentimental: the “What I Love About Dad Fill in the Love Book.” In this simple journal, you’ll help your kids fill-in-the-blank to simple prompts about what’s so wonderful about dad. Think prompts like, “I love that you taught me to appreciate _____.” 

This journal is best done with preschoolers and older kiddos, who can easily reflect on the prompts. You can help them fill in the blanks. It’s a sweet gift that dad will keep forever.

  1. A Whiskey and Rum Making Kit for “Good Spirits”

If dad is a fan of spirits, this is a fun gift. With this Whiskey and Rum Making Kit, dad can age scotch whiskey, spiced rum, or a full-bodied Kentucky bourbon to his taste. Plus, the small cask is a unique and attractive piece to display in the house.

Whiskey and Rum Making Kit - father's day gift

  1. A Freshly-Scented All Over Wash with Rave Reviews

Some men love a low maintenance product that leaves them feeling fresh and clean. This Jack Black All-Over Wash is just that. It works into a rich lather to rinse away all that dirt and grime, but is gentle enough to not strip skin or hair of essential moisture. This is thanks to key ingredients like jojoba protein, panthenol, sea kelp, and shea butter. 

All Over Wash - father's day gift
We hope you found some Father’s Day gift inspiration if you needed it. May the dads in your life feel loved and celebrated this Father’s Day!

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