Famokids GraphEVA® Graphene-Enhanced Play Mat

Famokids GraphEVA® Graphene-Enhanced Play Mat


    Famokids' one and only formula GraphEVA® (EVA + Graphene = GraphEVA®) Graphene-enhanced foam is baby-approved and ultra-hygienic. Each mat is composed of Graphene, a lightweight, intensely solidified material that deactivates bacterial proteins and odor. Graphene is also extremely durable, allowing the mat to withstand the play and mess of children. Our unique formula and graphene-enhanced properties create a healthier environment by providing a non-toxic and hygienic surface for your kids to play on.

    GraphEVA® Graphene-Enhanced Play Mat


    Graphene-enhanced foam is baby-approved and ultra-hygienic


    Endless Fun

    We aim to create and design a beautiful play mat to provide endless customization and endless fun for you and your little one. The opportunities really are endless: 

    • Build your mat to the perfect size for your needs with our endless interlocking tiles. 

    • Use it for everything from play time, nap time, to fitness time for mom and dad.

    • Let our mat anchor your room with its beautiful, modern design. No need to switch out the play mat for the rug. Our endless play mat is chic, easy to clean, and non-toxic.

     Ways to use your mat

    Safety and Quality
    We believe wholeheartedly in providing non-toxic and safe products that are easy to clean and long lasting. Famokids premium EVA foam with GraphEVA® Graphene-Enhanced formula is safer than traditional EVA foam which contains formamide and formaldehyde over the safety standards. 

    Famokids GraphEVA® Graphene-Enhanced Material Chart

    Worldwide Safety Standards
    Our foam tested to both US and European toy standards ASTM F963, EN71, and CA Prop 65 compliant. Non-toxic in the chemical items: BPA, BPS, PVC, PFAS, PAHs, TVOC, Phthalates, Heavy metal, Lead, and Chlorine.

    Famokids safety certificates

    Assemble Simply
    Connect our foam play mats with ease in just minutes to create a serene area rug or enjoy the puzzle fun to customize your own tiles-style pattern.

    Caring For Your Mat

    • Gently wipe clean prior to first use with damp cloth & dry thoroughly.
    • Do not soak in water or machine wash.
    • For indoor use only and avoid direct sunlight.
    • Avoid sharp items like pet claws, high heels or heavy objects on the play mat, as it may cause a permanent impression.
    • For best results, apply a mild soap to a damp cloth to wipe clean. Avoid using detergents or alcohol based cleansers.

    The single tile is 2 ft x 2 ft. We have play mat set sizes from 4 ft x 4 ft to 10 ft x 12 ft. You can always expand it as large as you want. Connect each piece to customize the perfect sized mat for your space. The mat is approximately 0.5" thick. 

    Famokids play mats are suitable for all ages, 0 month +.