5 Ways to Turn Your Living Room into a Playful and Modern Oasis

5 Ways to Turn Your Living Room into a Playful and Modern Oasis

If you’re here in the United States, you’re likely spending more time at home than ever before - that means more time inside the house with little ones to entertain.

If you’re feeling like you’ve run through every possible idea for keeping your kids engaged for just a little while - until you can get some coffee down, maybe? - we’ve got one suggestion. How about an indoor oasis?

You can transform your living room into an all-day play space, and you can do it without sacrificing style. No bold primary colors strewn across the entire room - we promise.

Keep reading for a few fun ways to transform your living room into a modern oasis. Most importantly, it’s fun for the little ones.


1. Use a Famokids™ Play Mat

A Famokids™ Play Mat is the perfect foundation on which to build your indoor oasis. Not only are our foam play mats non-toxic and safe, but they’re a gorgeous start to an indoor play space both you and your little ones will love. The soothing color palettes keep the space inviting and calming. 

They also provide a soft surface for little ones to run, jump, and play while protecting your flooring from the brunt of it. Really, they’re a baby must have. And don’t worry if kiddo spills their bottle of milk - it’s easy to wipe the mat clean.

Famokids play mat

2. Choose a Pretty Play Tent

Do you remember what it was like to huddle up inside a tent or fort as a kid? There was something so exciting about it - as if you were transported to a new place in your own home.

You can recreate that fun for your kids, and keep everything aesthetically pleasing along the way. Opt for an easy-to-build play tent with neutral colors or a cute pattern that kids and parents alike will adore. Placed on top of one of our activity play mats, it’s the perfect play place for little ones.

We recommend choosing a play tent that’s relatively easy to put together and take down, so you don’t feel like it’s a chore to build that indoor oasis anytime you and your kids like.

Famokids play mat and tent

3. Hook up Some Twinkle Lights

Play tents are instant fun for little ones, but add some twinkle lights to the mix, and it’s downright magical. It mimics the effect of camping beneath the stars, especially once you dim the lights.

A string of twinkle lights strung across the play tent is an easy, temporary way to create memories for life. When you’re done, simply roll up the lights for another day.

Famokids play mat and twinkle lights

4. Create a Cute Reading Nook

Here’s one great way to put the play tent to use: create a cozy reading nook. Pull out the plushest, prettiest pillows (ones that you’re comfortable letting the kids on, of course!) and lay a soft blanket on the floor of the play tent. 

Paired with the comfy Famokids™ play mat as surface and soft twinkle lights, the reading nook is a great place to spend some quiet time. You can also set up a comfy table area with our foam table and chair sets. 

This cozy setup might just lull your little ones into naptime. That’s a win in our books.

Famokids foam table and chair set

5. Try Some Sensory Play

An indoor oasis is all about fun, so break out some great sensory play to keep little ones engaged for hours. You could create sensory bottles with different objects inside them - like marbles, sequins, or rice - and watch your little one marvel over the sounds and shapes. Or, break out some simple water play - a bowl of water and some cups usually does the trick.

You don’t have to worry about ruining your floors or furniture, because the Famokids™ Play mat is easy to clean. As a play mat for crawling babies, it’s made for just this kind of thing!

Kid's sensory play

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