Toxic Materials to Avoid in Baby Products

Toxic Materials to Avoid in Baby Products

Protecting your baby from toxic and harmful materials is crucial as a parent. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy job. There are so many different materials to look out for, which can get overwhelming. These toxic materials to avoid in baby products can be in many different products, such as baby shampoos, toys, clothing, etc. Looking out for these materials can help your baby stay healthy and happy for a long time.

Lead is one of the most dangerous toxic materials to avoid in baby products

Lead is, without a doubt, the most dangerous product in certain baby products. It used to be a common ingredient in paint, which ended up in children’s toys. Even though the use of lead is regulated, there is still a chance of it being in baby toys. When ingested, lead can cause a lot of negative consequences for your baby’s health. It can severely affect your baby’s brain development. In order to prevent your baby from lead exposure, there are a couple of easy steps you can take.  Firstly, don’t buy any vintage toys made from wood. This can be hazardous, as lead is formerly a popular material in paint. Even if you buy wooden toys for your baby, make sure they are made from solid wood and aren’t painted. This can lower the chances of your baby being exposed to lead. When you buy toys in the future, always check the label—making this a habit can keep your baby safe and prevent them from being exposed to harmful materials and chemicals.


This harmful material can be found in some commonly used, plastic products. When it comes to baby products, the risk of finding BPA is the highest in baby bottles, sippy cups, and food containers. It is considered to be harmful for the nervous system and brain development of babies. When choosing a bottle for your baby, check to see whether it contains bisphenol and find the safest option there is.

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Parabens are commonly used as a preservative in certain baby products, such as baby lotions. If your baby is exposed to this material, he or she can experience long-term negative consequences. When choosing baby care products, pay attention to whether parabens are in them as a preservative. They can hurt your baby’s development during the first and most crucial years of their life. Although people are still exploring the effects of parabens, with what we know now, it’s best to keep them away from your baby. 

Sulfates can be harmful to your baby 

The truth is that babies are more sensitive to ingredients and materials than adults. On this note, babies are more sensitive to sulfates than adults are. Sulfates are not safe for babies to use. Before you buy your next baby shampoo, check whether it has sulfates in it. Even though it can be harmful to babies, this material can still be found in a lot of baby shampoos and baby care products. Sulfates can irritate your baby’s skin, and they can also turn your baby’s hair dry. That’s why shampoos for adults shouldn’t be used on babies, as they can contain more sulfates than baby products. 

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There’s a high chance of your baby coming into contact with this harmful material. Phthalates can be in several plastic products, including those meant for babies. Bottles for babies can contain this material. That’s why reading the label carefully is very important. When buying plastic products for your baby, make sure to get those that don’t have phthalates because there’s a chance of it being in baby care products; checking the label before purchasing these items is just as important. 

Keeping your baby safe from toxic materials and other dangers 

Regularly checking the labels for these toxic materials to avoid in baby products will help keep your baby safe. It’s best to write these materials down so you can easily check whether there is anything harmful in the baby products you want to purchase. Besides baby products, toxic and harmful materials can be found everywhere. In your home, there are a number of potential dangers to your baby. Before moving into your new home, you can take a couple of steps to ensure it’s safe for your baby. Regarding materials, you can ask the seller or hire an inspector to check the home before you move in. Materials such as asbestos can be especially dangerous. A detailed inspection of your home will ensure no harmful materials threaten your family’s safety. 

After you’ve finished checking your home for harmful materials, there are a number of other must-dos before you move in. These easy upgrades and changes to your new home can help keep your baby safe. Most importantly, you can baby-proof your new home. This way, you make sure it’s safe for your baby. With this easy upgrade, you won’t have to worry about potential injuries happening to your baby. Your home will be free from harmful materials, and there won’t be any potential for accidents. Another idea you can add is a baby play mat nontoxic, so your baby can play without you having to worry about these toxic materials. You can find these in different styles, such as a boho play mat and a modern play mat. 

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In summary

More and more producers choose safer options when making baby products. They know about the dangers these materials present. And they choose to go with options that will be safe and make parents happy. As more and more parents pay attention to the materials they expose their children to, in the future, there probably won’t be any trace of these materials in baby products. Until then, staying away from these materials is crucial to keeping your baby safe. Famokids cares about safety for kids, so we choose non-toxic materials that are free from lead, bisphenol, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Choosing a non-toxic material is important, so experts at Famokids do research and create their own formula with non-toxic materials. Check out our GraphEVA® Graphene Enhanced Foam Play Mat and Vegan Leather Eazy™ Mat. 

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